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·         Easy to Use Wizard for Initial Input & Future Adjustments

·         Budgeting Forward Per Pay Period Instead of Only Showing How You Spent Money In the Past on a Monthly basis

·         Auto Listing of Bills Due Each Pay Day on Dashboard

·         Matches Bill Due Dates to Your Salary/ Wage Paid Dates

·         Balances Bill Paying When All are Due at Beginning or End of Month for Biweekly, Semimonthly etc.

Pay Periods (Dashboard Shows Budgeted Set Asides for Future Bills)

·         Allocates Amount Needed Each Pay to Cover Future Payments

(Dashboard Shows Set Asides for Annually, Quarter, etc. Bills)

·         No Online Bank Accounts Access Needed

·         No Disclosure of Personal Account Information

·         No Bank Reconciliation Required

·         Reports Compare Budget to Actual Spending for You


·         iPhone and Android App coming soon for daily out of pocket expenses

·         Integrated Video Instructions


·         Mac & Windows Compatible

·         Email Support


·         Pay Day Deposit text Reminders

·         Bill Due Date text Reminders