Frequently Asked Questions

How is LivingCheck2CheckBudget different from other online personal finance programs?

Our system is designed for all level users from the first time budget user to the more advanced users who have tried other budgeting systems with little to no success. If you have used Mint, Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar Budget Tool, or Quicken®, ask yourself, have I solved the timing issue(s) I face with my weekly, biweekly or semimonthly pay cycles; my out of control debit card daily out of the pocket spending or my need to set aside money each time I am paid to cover quarterly or annual payment? The answer to these questions is most likely; “No”.  Our budget tool addresses all these challenges in four simple steps. Most budget tools including the ones mentioned above use the traditional monthly after-the-fact approach. With these programs, money is assigned to spending categories only after it has already been spent on a monthly basis. Reports are run to see where your money went so you can try and do better next month.  This reactive approach to budgeting simply does not work.


We not only looking back to see where your money was spent as a starting point, but also looking forward to tell your money where it should go each time you are paid incorporating the timing of when bills are due to adequately address cash flow timing challenges each time you get paid.   The per pay cycle cash envelope system addresses out of control debit card spending with a soon to come mobile app for those real-time detail oriented individuals. Our goal is to bring you to a place of peace concerning your finances removing all fear or anxiety through four simple steps.

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What is cash envelope system?

This budget method started back when bills were paid with cash, but the principle still works and can be applied to today. For my example, if you are paid on biweekly basis simply review your past bank statement to initially determine how much money you typically spend for what we call “out of the pocket expenses” such as gas for your car, lunch, household product, clothing, dry cleaning, dinning out or groceries.   If you are not a detail person simple withdrawal what you normally spend per pay cycle and stop using your debit card.  The other monthly expenses you pay with bill pay, check, online, auto bank drafts etc.


1.       To use envelope system, first establish spending categories for your budget and then set spending limits for the categories. The total amount for the spending categories must not exceed your monthly income.  If it does at the end of your LivingCheck2CheckBudget four step wizard summary simply go back and adjust your categories.

2.       Using one envelope per spending category, write the name of each category and the monthly budgeted amount on the envelopes. If you are paid weekly or biweekly, divide the total monthly amount for each category by the number of pay periods you have and record that number on the envelope as well.

3.       For this example, after your pay check has been direct deposited. Withdrawal your out of pocket allocated amount for each budgeted category into the respective envelope.

A very simple example would be a weekly paycheck netting $350 with these expenses:

• $100 going into the grocery budget envelope

• $75 to the clothing budget envelope

• $35 to the gas budget envelope

• $15 to the dry cleaning budget envelope

• $35 to the personal care envelope

• $40 to the lunch budget envelope

4.          When you go shopping or pay a bill, take the money for the payment from the appropriate envelope.

The strength of envelope budgeting is that it forces you to stay in touch with spending habits because once the money is gone from an envelope, you can't spend from that category until the envelope is replenished by the next paycheck.

 What do you enter in the “Enter Opening Pay Period Balance” pop up
Enter Opening Balance

Review you bank statement and Enter the balance just before your payroll deposit – Example bank statement and what to enter is highlighted in yellow below




















Use balance before Deposit





Does LivingCheck2CheckBudget link up to my financial institution for account reconciliation?

Your privacy is very important to us is the reason why we “Do Not Link Up” with any financial institution. Click this privacy link to view our complete privacy statement.  Our system simply asks you for your budget account opening balance at the beginning of each pay period.  If you begin with the correct opening balance, pay the bills due listed on the dashboard and only withdrawal cash for the envelop system your account should reconcile.  If your LivingCheck2Checkbudget balance does not reconcile, you will receive a text message notification.  You can either go back or make corrections using our four step wizard or simply ignore it if exact balances are not critical.   Simple start your next pay cycle with the actual financial institution balance. 


If I cancel my three month subscription, what is your refund policy?

Cancelling your Subscription – In order to cancel your subscription: Send an e-mail to Customer Support at customer.support@livingcheck2checkbudget.com or cancel@livingcheck2checkbudget.com . Once your subscription has been cancelled, we will send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as possible. Please note that cancellations via e-mail may take up to three days from receipt of your request to process. Once your cancellation has been processed, you will not be billed again. IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the full monthly subscription fee in the month, in which you cancel, i.e., if you cancel your subscription in August, you are responsible for August fees. Your subscription for that month remains active and fully functional until the end of that month. After the end of the month, your account will cease to work and you will not be charged again. It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the month to cancel your subscription. If you have any problems cancelling your subscription, please contact Customer Support at customer.support@livingcheck2checkbudget.com or cancel@livingcheck2checkbudget.com


How can I provide feedback?

We welcome your feedback and recommendations.  To provide website feedback email us at feedback@livingcheck2checkbudget.com


What are the system requirements for LivingCheck2CheckBudget?

LivingCheck2CheckBudget is available for iOS, Android smartphones and tablets, Kindle Tablets, and most PC browsers that run the latest Adobe Flash Plugin. Adobe’s Flash player is a free browser plugin and can be downloaded here.